AERA Annual Conference 2021

Every year AERA holds an Annual Conference usually in the last quarter of the year. One conference topic is announced related to a recent issue for discussion during the conference and the call for papers is announced by the month of april to allow researchers to submit papers on the announced topic. Few selected papers, as recommended by the review committeeare published in full length and other papers as abstracts in the Conference Volume of Agricultural Economics Research Review. 

AERA conference is an opportunity for the young researchers to present their research work to a very wide group of researchers from various universities, national and international research organizations, think tanks and even participants from the private sector, financial institutions, marketing institutions etc.

29th Conference of Agricultural Economics Research Association (AERA)


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During conference all presenters are given 12 min for presentation and 2-3 minutes for responding to question and answers. The presentations are evaluated by a committee for R.T. Doshi best paper presentation award. The presentations are scored out of 60 marks with 10 marks each for criterion – Rationale and review, innovation in methodology, robustness of results, visual presentation skills, oral presentation skills and time management. 


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